Thursday, July 26, 2012


Plantago lanceolata in late summer

It doen't take plastic surgery to treat those scourges of aging skin, scars and wrinkles. Herbal salves work just fine, if more slowly, and the ingredients are available for free right there in your neighborhood.

Plantago majus in late summer

Both lance- and broad-leafed plantain have the ability to soften, moisten, and tighten skin lesions. The leaves can be picked from the lawn before mowing and dried for oil extraction when needed.


Rare pink yarrow in late summer
The white flower clusters of yarrow (Achillea millefolium) plucked from nearby fields complement plaintain by improving circulation to and from scars and wrinkles. Their bitter astringency also helps to tighten up the skin. Add in a little nourishing rose essential oil and voila tout - a return to young and passionate skin!


- plantain leaves (dried) – 1 small handful
- yarrow flowers (dried) - 1 small handful
- almond, safflower, or olive oil – 1 cup
- bee’s wax – 1 ounce
- vitamin E oil – 10 drops
- rose essential oil – 5 drops

1. Crumble plantain and yarrow into a small pot;
2. Completely cover the leaves with the oil;
3. Place the uncovered pot on a hotplate or in the oven and heat on the lowest possible setting for 3-4 hours (no hotter than 150°);
4. Pour through a strainer into another small pot, pressing the plants into the strainer to recover as much oil as possible;

Beeswax beads melting in oil extract

5. Add beeswax (finely chopped, shredded, shaved, or beaded) into the oil and heat on low until dissolved;
6. Add 10 drops of vitamin E oil;
7. Add 5 drops of rose essential oil;
8. Pour into small wide-mouthed jars and allow to cool and harden before sealing the lid;
9. Label with the product name, date, and ingredients;
10. Apply liberally to scars or wrinkles 3-4 times a day.

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