Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Spearmint, bee balm, and yarrow sun tea

What better way to lift the spirits and heal what ails you than the warmth of the summer sun? Whether it's an herbal sun tea steeped for a day before poured over ice or an infused oil soaking up flower essences for a week, solar infusions will bring joy and healing to your mid-summer household.

Mullein in mid-summer

Mullein flowers (Verbascum thapsus) contain anti-inflammatory and demulcent (moistening) oils best extracted in another oil. Their gentle healing effects are perfect for soothing swimmer's ear and otitis media in children of all ages. Other options for infused oils include violets from the yard and/or calendula from the garden for skin inflammation or lesions.


- mullein flowers
- olive oil
- vitamin E oil

Releasing air bubbles

1) Gather the opened flowers from several mullein stalks;
2) Place the flowers into a clear glass jar 3/4 full of olive oil;
3) Repeatedly poke a chopstick or skewer into the flowers to submerse and allow air bubbles inside the flowers to escape;
4) Top off the jar with olive oil and tightly seal the lid;
5) Place in full sun for 4-7 days;
6) Strain the oil into a measuring cup;
7) Stir in 10-20 drops of vitamin E oil;
8) Dispense into small dropper bottles and label with date and ingredients;
9) Place 1-3 drops three times a day into the inflamed ear while the child is laying on the other side for several minutes.

Mullein ear oil

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