Thursday, May 10, 2012


Our stock of dried herbs

Providing herbal remedies to your family and friends, like cooking, is simpler when you have the necessary ingredients and supplies on hand.

Dried plants remain potent for several seasons for combining into tea formulas. Since volume of plant material varies greatly with density, herbs are best combined by weight (1/2 ounce per cup). A kitchen scale is needed to determine the right proportions. A canning funnel helps to dispense the combined and crumbled or cut herbs into jars or tea bags. Infusions are made simpler by a tea pot with built-in strainer.

Tea making equipment and supplies

Our stock of tinctures
Tinctures extracted in 25% or greater alcohol remain potent for at least ten years. Be sure to label each tincture single with the specific herb (genus/species), date of extraction, strength (folk method or 1:2 fresh/1:5 dried), alcohol percentage, and alcohol type. Some people may react to grain alcohol but be fine with vodka, or vice-versa.

Tincture formulating equipment and supplies

Tinctures are combined by volume so glass measuring cups with both metric and ounce gradations are helpful. A small funnel will make dispensing into dropper bottles quicker and cleaner. And don't forget to record the formulas! You don't want to forget how to make the cure for what ails your family or friends.

Tea and tincture formulas in our medicine chest

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